Over a Century of Success

Rush Limbaugh Sr.

The Limbaugh Firm is the largest law firm in Southeast Missouri. Our attorneys specialize in many areas of the law in order to provide the services that our clients need.

The history of The Limbaugh Firm starts with Rush H. Limbaugh, Sr. Mr. Limbaugh was admitted to the Missouri Bar in 1916 and practiced law for 80 years until he passed away in 1996 at the age of 104. Mr. Limbaugh was a truly great man both in the law and in his community. In addition to his traditional legal work, Mr. Limbaugh wrote books, served as President of The Missouri Bar, served in the Missouri Legislature, served as an ambassador to India for the U.S. legal system, and worked with the Boy Scouts and Salvation Army among many other accomplishments. And through all his success, he always remained dedicated to his clients.

Today, The Limbaugh Firm carries on the tradition started by Mr. Limbaugh to provide the highest standard of legal services, while also working to improve our community. You have probably seen us around. One of our attorneys likely serves on a board with you, or is a member of your service club, church or gym.

Clients need an attorney for different reasons. We don’t have a lot of lawyers who try to do everything. We have a lot of lawyers who specialize in a few things. That allows us to best represent you in your particular case. Every case is different, and you need someone who understands the nuance of your situation. Whatever your reason for needing an attorney, if you want hard-working people who specialize in their field, then we are right for you.

Call us. We can help you.